Why I started a blog….

Hello, <3

Just a quick post 🙂

Now I am not the best writer, I did not succeed highly in English at school haha. However I am pursuing writing a blog and publishing my thoughts here, mainly due to the fact that sometimes it’s hard to share everything in person with someone. So here are some thoughts:

I have unfortunately found, in today’s day and age and our culture, it can be hard to have a logical discussion with some. Some people I have encountered think they are better than everyone else and know everything and are undoubtedly right. Which yes, they may be right, and I don’t think I am better than them. Nor do I think I know everything and am right about everything. Because I certainly am not! I too have a lot to learn! I am open to hearing others and what they have experienced and what has helped them, I love listening to other people ideas 🙂 . But it really sucks, when you are trying to share facts or ideas that you have researched extensively and you are trying to enlighten them or just share it with them, in love and kindness. Yet its like they just close the eyes and block their ears and scream at you, without even listening to what you have to share. I experienced this so often during high school! I cannot express in words how frustrating it is when I have experienced people like this. Haha.

I will admit, I have learned to just let it go, trust that in the right timing they hopefully will have their eyes opened and they will realise and learn and grow as well, as we all do over this journey we call life! I just trust that what they hear from me is at least a seed planted 🙂 . Most the topics I am passionate about and try to share an opinion on, are ones that I too was once closed to and thought i knew the correct answer, and I followed the popular belief without question. Yet now, I am on the opposite end of the scale with most the beliefs I once held regarding big controversial issues. And also simple “issues” like when to start introducing solids etc. A lot of the issues I just never thought to even research and look into, when I was a young teenager. I have changed and grown so much over the last 6 years.

I have also learned that in today’s technology world, with everything at our finger tips, there is so much confusion! So much information and most the time conflicting information out there. Technology is obviously handy at times, but you have to sift through all the rubbish and junk. Again I don’t know it all! However the topics and discussions that I hope to have through this blog, will be topics that I have extensively researched, thought about, read other peoples testimonies, studied the opposite view and then also trialed, loved or experienced myself! 🙂

Please do your research, have an open mind, and do not always trust what the big media are saying. Especially question what the media are bombarding us with! Why do some think we are exempt from propaganda? Its easier for them to do in our western culture with ads and tvs everywhere. If they could do it easily 50 years ago, they can definitely do it now!  But I will leave that for another post, possibly one I’ll get hubby to post about 😉

Ultimately, this blog was started with the help of my Husband, to share our hearts, our journey, help other mothers, women, wives, and families and share what has helped us.

I hope and pray that I am able to be a help and encouragement to others! Please send your questions or comments through to me! Via instagram (a.mothers.heart) or facebook, or email (mail@amothersheart.net)

God bless,